Definition Of condemn


express complete disapproval of, typically in public; censure.

fair-minded people declined to condemn her on mere suspicion

sentence (someone) to a particular punishment, especially death.

the rebels had been condemned to death

Example Of condemn

  • Condemned buildings are common to explorers but are a hazard and can cause trouble for some.

  • A decade ago Greenpeace Canada was roundly condemned by unionists and social justice groups when they fired a number of workers who were trying to organize the canvass office.

  • A host of international covenants and national laws already condemn and outlaw trafficking, and that is good.

  • After a month of operations, only two of the eight original aircraft were still operational, and even they were eventually condemned as unfit for service.

  • After the end of the war, the accused 984 Japanese soldiers and officers were condemned to death by special courts for their behaviour against Asian citizens and the POWs.

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