Definition Of colligate


be or cause to be juxtaposed or grouped in a syntactic relation.

the two grammatical items are said to colligate

Example Of colligate

  • Although the work is highly crafted, and contrives to be as persuasive as possible, the jackdawish colligation of claims and perspectives never amounts to what might properly be called an argument.

  • He spoke of colligation as a binding together’ of facts, and chose the formulation of Kepler's Third Law to illustrate this process of integration.

  • He was also interested to find out if colligations might change over time, which would have to be done using diachronic corpora.

  • In Barnbrook's words, colligation refers to collocation patterns that are based on syntactic groups rather than individual words.

  • the two grammatical items are said to colligate

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