Definition Of clowns


a comic entertainer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated makeup.

Tweedy, who is one of three clowns touring with the circus, made a big impact with the 150 children at the infant school.

an unsophisticated country person; a rustic.

The hob part of hobgoblin was a familiar form of Robin or Robert and became a standard name for a rustic person or a clown .

behave in a comical way; act playfully.

Harvey clowned around pretending to be a dog

Example Of clowns

  • A circus clown received stitches to the head after he was thrown through a glass door.

  • And I think most people see them as a bunch of clowns .

  • And now is the time for all of us to take a closer and careful look at these circus clowns !

  • At the Junior School, the children clowned around with wigs and face-paints.

  • Back then, children were expected to entertain themselves, which is how Lucky learnt to play the clown .

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