Definition Of circle


a group of people with shared professions, interests, or acquaintances.

she did not normally move in such exalted circles

a round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the center).

In the normal geometry of flat space, the diameter of a circle is its circumference divided by pi.

move all the way around (someone or something), especially more than once.

the two dogs circle each other with hackles raised

Example Of circle

  • circle the correct answers

  • A quick glance at my ticket reminded me that I had a seat in the circle and that I wouldn't be having to stand up for this gig.

  • And at weekends they spend their hard-earned cash in pubs and clubs with a wide circle of interesting, cosmopolitan friends.

  • ‘When I went to see her dance, I always booked seats in the royal circle ,’ he recalls.

  • Decomposed granite paths circle the fountain, and a sandstone path leads to the front door.

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