Definition Of choosier


overly fastidious in making a choice.

He has 23 years of experience in satisfying hungry customers, some of whom were very choosy about what went into their stomach.

Example Of choosier

  • According to Christopher McKee, the Navy enjoyed a better public image than the Army during the last century and could be choosy in the young men it recruited.

  • Analysts say it means consumers can be more choosy , looking for the best deals and that's going to cost the cell phone carriers.

  • Banks are getting choosy over deposits, discouraging big deposits, particularly from corporates.

  • Being too choosy to find a proper suitor for herself, Emma ignores her own romantic desires and endeavors to find a match for her friend.

  • Buyers are quite choosy and expect something new all the time, whether it is mobile phone ring tones or data cables for a digital diary.

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