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Definition Of chemisette

a woman's undergarment similar to a camisole, typically worn so as to be visible beneath an open-necked blouse or dress.

Similarly, the collar of the woman's chemisette is typical of the period 1848-52, as are the narrow undersleeves.

Example Of chemisette

  • A set of undersleeves and a chemisette with collar would have been worn under the bodice.

  • Consisting of three pieces: a bodice, skirt, and a chemisette or dickey, the dress reflects the fashionable style of the late nineteenth century.

  • During the 19th Century the chemisette goes in and out of style which makes exact dating difficult.

  • I'm definitely not a fan of chemisettes , as seen on the right, so I made the fichu on the left, which is just a triangle of cotton netting.

  • If done in this order, only the chemisette and corset need to be washed regularly.

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