Definition Of chastise


rebuke or reprimand severely.

he chastised his colleagues for their laziness

Example Of chastise

  • Abraham had a penchant for being critical and had no hesitation in publicly chastising his colleagues, regardless of their rank or position.

  • After promising Nicole to brief her on the next bus, I remained mostly silent and edgy until the end of the bus ride, at one point chastising Nicole for the question.

  • ‘Communities lead with their moral voice, appreciating those who act responsibly, and chastising those who do not,’ Etzioni writes.

  • But critics from Connecticut and elsewhere chastise his embrace of nuclear power.

  • Courtenay feels his mother's desperate need so acutely that he can be unduly harsh, chastising his younger self for the visits he never made or the letters he never wrote back because it became too painful an imposition.

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