call girl Meaning in Bengali

বেশ্যা গণিকা

Definition Of call girl

a female prostitute who accepts appointments by telephone.

Gena Rowlands and Seymour Cassel bring a marvelous emotional depth to their call girl and gigolo characters that belies their objectification by the film's other characters.

Example Of call girl

  • A friend told her about an easy way to make good money - as a call girl for an escort service.

  • Among the travellers is Argia, a formerly wealthy call girl , or courtesan.

  • At 21, I was a call girl , paying lawyers to keep me out of jail; now I am a successful lawyer, a successful businesswoman, and a loving wife.

  • At the time, I was a high-priced call girl working in Asia.

  • Can I just ask you, is this a work of fiction or are you a working call girl ?

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