Definition Of bulk


be or seem to be of great size or importance.

territorial questions bulked large in diplomatic relations

the mass or magnitude of something large.

the sheer bulk of the bags

treat (a product) so that its quantity appears greater than it in fact is.

traders were bulking up their flour with chalk

Example Of bulk

  • bulk orders of over 100 copies

  • A Federal Government change to the Tasmanian Wheat Freight Subsidy Scheme looks set to end bulk shipments of grain to that state from July 1.

  • After being so quiet in the final third for the bulk of the first half, while Jamie Speare was kept the busier of the two goalkeepers, there was a marked improvement in the Stanley players' body language.

  • Also explore bulk bins for organic grains, cereals, flour, dried fruit, legumes, rice and granola.

  • Anything that can break down the bulk adoption of textbooks by states would certainly help.

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