Definition Of boohoo

cry noisily.

she broke down and boohooed

used to represent the sound of someone crying noisily.

This is not the end but, boohoo , I'm so alone and nobody loves me.

Example Of boohoo

  • After reading the piece, the MRC was weeping, boohooing and shedding big tears.

  • Asshole John the landlord spent all his time getting blotto in his own bar and boohooing to anybody who'd listen about the raw deal life had handed him…

  • ‘Boohoo nobody loves me, wah, wah, wah I need to fix things with Kendall, boohoo I'm a horrible person.’

  • ‘But she said, ‘But I love him,’ and she boohooed all over us and we knew we had lost.’

  • Bill was just being polite to a guest - but Bernie was boohooing audibly.

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