Definition Of boo


a person's boyfriend or girlfriend.

Some things I view as sacred and extremely personal that I wouldn't share… these include times shared with my boo .

an utterance of “boo” to show disapproval or contempt.

the audience greeted this comment with boos and hisses

said suddenly to surprise someone.

“Boo!” she cried, jumping up to frighten him

said to show disapproval or contempt, especially at a performance or athletic contest.

Unfortunately, one of the curtain rod kits I'd bought didn't have the mounting hardware inside, so I'm going to have to get another one - boo !

say “boo” to show disapproval or contempt.

they booed and hissed when he stepped on stage

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Example Of boo

  • Angry crowds attended public meetings organised by the Commission, jeering and booing the speakers.

  • As Moore shouted over boos and cheers, most of the nominees who had just given him a standing ovation sat silent.

  • At that time the Tricolour was banned, so we gave the police some trouble in taking the flags down, the crowds booing them.

  • ‘I'm not doubting what happened, boo ,’ Shayna began sweetly.

  • ‘When he walks in we'll jump out and say boo ,’ Sam whispered as well.

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