boat people Meaning in Bengali

নৌকা মানুষ

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refugees who have left a country by sea, in particular the Vietnamese who fled in small boats to Hong Kong, Australia, and elsewhere after the conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam in 1975.

It was reported recently that a number of violent criminals paid big money to join the Vietnamese boat people to come to Australia.

Example Of boat people

  • Around 8,000 boat people have arrived in Australia in the past two years, a small number by international comparisons.

  • Despite reports the boat people are bound for Australia, the government is not certain of their destination, the minister said.

  • Except for a small community of former boat people , Vietnam has no supportive overseas ethnic connection.

  • Haunted by their experiences as boat people escaping from Vietnam, the family is separated by guilt, shame and anger.

  • He plays the neglected child of an alcoholic mother who fights for better conditions among Hong Kong's boat people .

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