Definition Of blubber


(of a person's lips) swollen or protruding.

Yet the movement of his blubber lips, closely pressed together, showed clearly that he could not understand a word.

sob noisily and uncontrollably.

he was blubbering like a child

the fat of sea mammals, especially whales and seals.

Fish oil supplements are derived from a variety of sources, including mackerel, herring, tuna, salmon, cod liver, halibut, whale blubber and seal blubber .

Example Of blubber

  • A word every prep fears, due to the fact they hate seeing a little bit of blubber on anyone, especially themselves.

  • After they killed the whale - in what looked like food sharing - one killer whale held down the carcass as the others tore the thick, resilient gray whale skin and blubber .

  • At this point I am taking a coffee break as I retch once again at the thought of whale blubber sitting unhappily in my oesophagus.

  • Because the seal's layer of blubber does not extend to its flippers, veins in the flippers lie close to the surface of the skin, poorly insulated from the ice and cold water.

  • But that business is encountering its own problems, specifically a bottleneck in processing seal blubber for nutritional supplements.

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