Definition Of bawl


a loud, unrestrained shout.

In all, 7,629 came along, not only to bear witness but to provide a Greek chorus, with bawls and murmurs accompanying every touch of the ball in the early minutes.

shout or call out noisily and unrestrainedly.

“Move!” bawled the drill sergeant

weep or cry noisily.

she began to bawl like a child

Example Of bawl

  • 'I then hear cuffing sounds and screams and bawls for help,' the teary-eyed relative said.

  • Animated figures of women washed clothes, babies bawled , roosters crowed, blacksmiths worked at their forges.

  • Anyone else in your situation would be bawling like a baby.

  • At that point, even Tommy got frightened by the noise and began to bawl , but in order to find out who was the intruder I tried to keep the baby quiet.

  • ‘As a paid officer, a hired hand, he isn't there to shout and bawl at an elected member,’ Coun Jarvis added.

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