Definition Of bale


a bundle of paper, hay, cotton, etc., tightly wrapped and bound with cords or hoops.

the fire destroyed 500 bales of hay

evil considered as a destructive force.

In earlier days great Carthage suffered bale .

make (something) into bales.

they baled a lot of good hay

Example Of bale

  • A taxi driver and his four passengers escaped being crushed when a straw bale weighing half a ton bounced onto their car.

  • About 85 million bales of cotton are produced worldwide each year, including 18 to 20 million in the United States.

  • And then, sure enough, he walks right up and throws a big ole bale of straw on my back.

  • As a result, the price of New York hay has dropped because of its inferior quality and the cost of out-of-state hay has risen by about $4 per bale .

  • ‘I'm going to pull a hard right and coast into that hay bale over there,’ Zell explained.

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