Definition Of awful


awfully; very.

we're an awful long way from the main road

inspiring reverential wonder or fear.

He is not always the evil, ghoulish, awful , frightening character that sometimes the Satanists would picture him to be.

very bad or unpleasant.

the place smelled awful

Example Of awful

  • And it seemed to me that what he was trying to do was to link this dreadful, awful terrorist attack on the World Trade Center to his view of what was going on in the Middle East.

  • And so, as the film ended, I couldn't work out why what I watched seemed to be a well directed, interesting film, choked by awful dialogue and poor plotting.

  • And yet those games of the early 80s seem awful quaint now, don't they?

  • Apparently he led his wife an awful dance.

  • Aside from that, I thought most of the speeches were pretty awful .

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