Definition Of articulated


(of an idea or feeling) expressed; put into words.

the lack of a clearly articulated policy

express (an idea or feeling) fluently and coherently.

they were unable to articulate their emotions

form a joint.

the mandible is a solid piece articulating with the head

having two or more sections connected by a flexible joint.

eight articulated trailer coaches

Example Of articulated

  • A clearly articulated and well-understood curriculum serves to bind the academic community together, justifying the meaning and value of academic work.

  • An articulated lorry, a tanker or a long-distance coach is designed in a very different way from a saloon car, for the simple reason that they all have very different tasks to perform.

  • An almost complete skeleton, including an articulated left lower hind limb, is associated with the skull of SDSNH 36000.

  • An angle joint for connecting two components in articulated fashion includes a joint ball, a cup at least partially surrounding the joint ball, and a liner positioned in the cup.

  • As a result, a broad edentulous region would have been present between the two first premaxillary teeth in the articulated snout.

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