Definition Of articulate


(of a person or a person's words) having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently.

an articulate account of their experiences

express (an idea or feeling) fluently and coherently.

they were unable to articulate their emotions

form a joint.

the mandible is a solid piece articulating with the head

having joints or jointed segments.

However, megalichthyids are unique in having the anal fin articulate with the spine at a position well posterior to the articulation of the second dorsal.

Example Of articulate

  • An enlarged hamulus may articulate with the maxillary process of the zygomatic bone.

  • And how ought we to communicate with an articulate and concerned minority that rejects the achievements of the past 30 years, and refuses to understand business, money or trade?

  • Billingsella in contrast has a laminar secondary shell characteristic of other, quite distinct, groups of articulate brachiopods.

  • Camp programs attempt to address ethics and values; staff must be able to clearly articulate these values.

  • Celeste is an articulate , eloquent speaker with an electrifying style coming straight out of her deep pain and anger.

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