Definition Of appurtenance


an accessory or other item associated with a particular activity or style of living.

all the appurtenances of luxurious travel

Example Of appurtenance

  • And that in turn justifies the gender quotas, government set-asides, and all the other appurtenances of a feminist society.

  • As a result, low-rise buildings constructed during the early 20th century suffer from the rusting of decorative elements and appurtenances , although they have no metal frames.

  • But he discovered books in college, and in adulthood his house was filled with the appurtenances of a man of science: technical papers, instruments, tanks filled with fish and reptiles.

  • Dismantlement of settlements, forced transfers of population and other usual appurtenances of establishing nation-states in ethnically heterogeneous areas would likely ensue.

  • For those of us not equipped with brass appurtenances , reducing investment risk is often a goal.

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