Definition Of antiquity


great age.

a church of great antiquity

the ancient past, especially the period before the Middle Ages.

the great civilizations of antiquity

Example Of antiquity

  • a church of great antiquity

  • A look at the old ledgers is enough to convince one of the antiquity of the bank.

  • A third centre of Christianity developed in late antiquity , when Antioch in Syria, which had occupied an important place in the history of the early Church, was one of the greatest cities in the eastern Mediterranean.

  • A third instance is that paleontological evidence seemed to push the antiquity of life back to the earliest Archaean times.

  • Although it is known that the other island, known in antiquity as Lerina, was inhabited from an early period, there is nothing to see there relating to Honoratus, the 4th century saint from whom it derives its modern name.

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