Definition Of ancillary


a person whose work provides necessary support to the primary activities of an organization, institution, or industry.

the employment of specialist teachers and ancillaries

providing necessary support to the primary activities or operation of an organization, institution, industry, or system.

the development of ancillary services to support its products

Example Of ancillary

  • Additionally, there is an ancillary data channel used for transmitting spatial information.

  • Adherence to Web standards is not that hard, and comes with a number of ancillary benefits to authors, like search engine optimization and easy transformation.

  • Although the book is not all-inclusive, it certainly has use as an introduction or ancillary to the study of international law as it relates to the contentious topics of borders.

  • An action and proceedings ancillary to an action shall be commenced in the manner prescribed by the rules.

  • But Henry had suffocated her, bit by bit, until everyone around them saw her as nothing more than his ancillary .

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