Definition Of adumbrate


report or represent in outline.

James Madison adumbrated the necessity that the Senate be somewhat insulated from public passions

Example Of adumbrate

  • (Reading across texts for a moment, this idea has been adumbrated in Kundera's earlier book Laughable Loves ).

  • An introduction sketches the book's key terms and thereby adumbrates its themes, especially the principal pair of beauty and the infinite.

  • And in fact there was an adumbrative whisper of Warholian values to come in a letter Demuth wrote to Alfred Stieglitz in 1927.

  • As to 5: The answer is plainly ‘Yes’ and for the reasons already adumbrated .

  • Because of the Fourth Symphony, writers tend to view the Prélude and Fugue as an adumbration , rather than as something aesthetically complete in its own right.

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