Definition Of abysmal


extremely bad; appalling.

the quality of her work is abysmal

very deep.

Will computers close the final gap, and find in their own depths, abysmal or otherwise, an instinctual feel for the wrong move at the right time?

Example Of abysmal

  • And he's so far not lived up to any single commitment that he's made, which is a pretty abysmal record.

  • And one reason it's not been achieved is the abysmal lack of planning for an aftermath which was violent.

  • Apart from these abysmally claustrophobic compartments, there is a special pit reserved for two pythons, that lay entwined in extreme good natured camaraderie.

  • But it's not just the German media that's acted abysmally .

  • But many schools serving the poor are of such abysmal quality that many children drop out of school in frustration.

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