Definition Of abstraction


a state of preoccupation.

she sensed his momentary abstraction

freedom from representational qualities in art.

geometric abstraction has been a mainstay in her work

the process of considering something independently of its associations, attributes, or concrete accompaniments.

duty is no longer determined in abstraction from the consequences

the process of removing something, especially water from a river or other source.

the abstraction of water from springs and wells

the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events.

topics will vary in degrees of abstraction

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Example Of abstraction

  • A section of chipboard becomes a painterly abstraction , with a faux bark edge as a frame.

  • Although that series was attractive, the paintings seemed to be testament to the artist's uncertainty of how to resolve the idea of combing abstraction with illusionistic space.

  • America cannot intervene, because the nation exists only as an abstraction .

  • As a result, the world of nature is studied in abstraction from the reality of God.

  • At first the idea was vague and formless, a brilliant abstraction about the surface area of a sphere, which is three times larger than the surface area of a flat chip.

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