Definition Of abominable


causing moral revulsion.

the uprising was suppressed with abominable cruelty

Example Of abominable

  • And that, fundamentally is what was so abominable about apartheid.

  • And there are certain crimes still that are so heinous, so wretched, and so abominable that, yes, they do cry out for vengeance, and they do cry out for the death penalty.

  • And we may venture the guess that Gibbon was disliked perhaps for his liking for that abominable stuff called snuff instead of tea.

  • Apart from the abominable aspect of having dog excrement on the streets etc., there is also a serious public health issue to be addressed by the dog owners, the County Council and the Health Service Executive.

  • As he read the novel, its nihilism and careless insensitivity to Nazi anti-Semitism were shocking, even abominable .

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