not in the mood ill-disposed make sadder and wiser open someone's eyes set straight dish washer tea towel dish towel give a bad name to ill favor dirty tricks dish up serve up stomach-turning stomach-churning sick of tired of gross out turn someone's stomach in disguise put up a smokescreen to hide/mask gloss over cover up cheesed off peed off hacked off beyond contempt bring shame on ill repute belch forth spew out spit out low opinion smooth out straighten out rude awakening remove the guts from go ashore pile out ill health turn up one's nose at curl one's lip at sniff at regard with contempt skull session rap (session) exchange of views separate the wheat from the chaff separate the sheep from the goats draw a distinction reflect badly on put/show in a bad light blacken the name of damage the reputation of bring into disrepute track down bring to light light on chance on stumble on come across/upon ill breeding bad-mannered give a speech give a talk discountenance from urge against advise against talk out of disincline from dissuade from deter from discount house wholesale house take no account of take no notice of pay no attention to price cut in conflict in disagreement bad feeling on and off lack of coherence lack of unity call a halt to fed up (to the teeth) a chip on one's shoulder bad feelings long-faced low-spirited put someone off (their game) take by surprise throw/catch off balance put someone off their game age spot liver spot disco music let the cat out of the bag spill the beans let on let drop let slip a firm hand stickler for discipline hard taskmaster give someone the (old) heave-ho pink-slip give someone their marching orders turf out give someone the boot give someone the sack give someone notice the ax the boot pick out have done with throw away/out throwing away fork out/over pay out take with a pinch of salt be unconvinced be incredulous give no credence to not believe part company go separate ways strip down take to bits take to pieces muss up make a shambles of turn topsy-turvy turn upside-down make untidy put out of place throw into disarray/disorder the zero option arms control arms limitation arms reduction not believe in be against look askance at have a poor opinion of thumbs down not all it's cracked up to be shatter someone's illusions dash someone's hopes melt away fade (away) recede from view be lost to view/sight pass from sight lock horns with cross swords with be at loggerheads with wrangle with quarrel with argue with debate with be in dispute with dissent from differ with not see eye to eye with in need shatter someone's illusions about disenchant about enlighten on/about correct on open someone's eyes about set straight on/about undeceive about disillusion about put out of action funeral march burial hymn blogroll address book board of directors chief executive (officer) managing director by a direct route as the crow flies call the shots be in charge/control of dipole antenna foreign affairs international relations discussion(s) negotiation(s) of no account badly/poorly lit greasy spoon small restaurant break bread have supper have dinner little-bitty knee-high to a grasshopper