domesticatio familiarizatio become wet exude wate the beautiful game the while in the intervening period in the last few days/weeks/months whatever the cost (come) rain or shine o matter what concessionary price lower price matter-of-factness cause to change places circuit breake onet handed dow higher up tha higher tha ancient history a thing of the past whole story itemized informatio transfer document worm something out of someone put someone through the wringer/mangle put someone through the third degree take good care of keep intact keep in repai keep in good conditio put a lid o keep a rein o wait o be supportive of bring comfort to give help to after that (time) lack of feeling lack of sensatio torch-beare live-stream put on the air/airwaves life and soul of the party energetic perso hop it stir one's stumps popping up cropping up springing up turning up stay loose give as good as one gets swap round switch round change round move round directed backwards e-establish give a new lease of life to knock for six spy out see how the land lies find out the lie of the land make an observation of make a survey of scout (out) settle up with square accounts with give someone a row give someone a wigging tear someone off a strip give someone a mouthful give someone a caning give someone a rollicking give someone a rocket give someone a telling-off make demands o put a strain o be the matter with first lord of the treasury head of the government first ministe member of the congregatio make a case fo come up with an explanation fo easily agitated easily upset spike someone's guns upset the apple cart jack i walk (all) ove appear as take the role of act the part of play the part of say the word give the nod act(s) otch up constitute proof constitute evidence pursuit of step on someone's toes impose oneself joining i taking part the right to hold a passport statement/outline of meaning denotatio looking afte the old school tie jobs for the boys keeping it in the family casting aside cutting short/dow field of view go to one's room speaker system speaker unit secondary status/positio inferior status/positio éminence grise bringing of charges legal process suit at law judicial proceeding(s) legal proceeding(s) fall ove mild cranial trauma bang on the head temporary loss of consciousness psychological trauma personal crisis period of mental illness ervous tensio ervous collapse legal executive legal office knacker's yard small part tiny part walking encyclopedia little know head shrinke trick cyclist eoteric hum and haw be confused be confounded have difficulty be in the dark be out of one's depth struggle mentally speak/talk on and o speak/talk at length ad-libbing sleeping draft become different spill all absence of moral values lack of convictio fit to be eate bankrupt perso addiction to craze fo fixation with preoccupation with feeling fo adoration of love fo true-heartedness shoot the bull have a chinwag chew the fat/rag open to modificatio subject to discussio brain-twiste contributory negligence on-fulfillment of duty onperformance of duty lack of care on one's beam-ends commit to consign to allot to bequeath to afford to accord to word painting figurative expressio knuckling unde humbling oneself laying down one's arms over with dominating characteristic animating principle prevailing tendency heart-searching