sleuth-hound snake-hipped fling shut shut/close with a crash ot tight lead-swinge clock-watche work-dodge looking like a bag of bones ladle off spoon off preliminary drawing bag of bones plant oneself install oneself be a mock-up of educe to essentials make more accessible put in words of one syllable make easy/easier to understand/do a five-finger exercise be en rapport with offer consolation to show interest show conce show sympathy fo feel/be sorry fo and spoons find a way round always ill often ill chronically ill make someone's stomach rise make someone sick make someone feel nauseous have all one's wits about one light fall be see put a bullet i multiple (shop/store) bargain basement etail cente factory outlet warehouse club cash and carry etail store a bolt out of the blue source of amazement/consternatio source of distress duck-shove duck out of be cagey about ight-dow cow-house cattle shed go dutch go fifty-fifty i scuff/drag one's feet sexual urges sexual instincts sexual/vaginal/anal penetratio excessive deference carry out the wishes of be obedient to have a job with perform duties fo over-sentimentality awareness of the feelings of others just know have a funny feeling be/become conscious of be/become aware of get the impression of alzheimer's (disease) put in the post/mail give in part-exchange part-exchange counter-jumpe wise woma defloratio take away someone's innocence persuade someone to have sexual intercourse fomentation (of discontent) incitement (to riot/rebellion) private affai confidential matte announce one's support fo scout out chew (up) mash (up) twist (up) squash (up) crunch (up) crumple (up) dividing wall lay plans take part in a conspiracy grub about/around scuff (up) scarcer than hen's teeth ot to be had ot enough look someone/something up and dow shocking incident/series of events discreditable behavio outrageous behavio outrageous wrongdoing smack one's lips ove taste to the full enjoy to the full smart-assed tia iras cobe television satellite life fluid plant fluid able to think/reason clearly in possession of all one's faculties ight in the head marine salt sea salt sickly-looking unhealthy-looking skipper a boat bowed dow self-immolatio itual slaughte wheel track the oldest trick in the book cross-country runne headlong flight disorderly retreat balloon-like bulb-shaped disk-like worm-eate unfit for human consumptio ose pink turn over and ove onspeaking part walk-on part spiral upwards ise rapidly dolma dishdasha second-story man/worke as still as a statue ipped asunde torn asunde ipped apart climb up come/go up move up/upwards daylight robbery become tende come to maturity street fighting mob violence violent disorde street fight marriage toke band of gold piece of equipment lengthy process stand upright agai set upright agai turn the right way up agai make far-reaching changes i opposite/other extreme send back/backwards move back/backwards drive back/backwards go back/backwards make retaliation fo festivity/festivities celebration(s) good-time boy/girl go public on/with shoot through do a bunk do a fade each retirement age stopping work stopping working giving up work hangers-o camp followers members of court attendant company feel nauseous have nausea dry-heave hold fast to bring (back) to life estore to life pick up where one left off push on with ot validated period of repose