levy a tax o yum-yum scrummy make oneself up dress oneself up become black lose its luste lose its shine become dull become discolored draw liquid from become thinne become thi become narrowe become narrow used to humans ot fierce ot wild be in tune give voice filmed sequence get into one's hands taking off put a label o attach tags to thumb tack horizontal surface surprise search tread wate go swimming sweat like a pig sweat buckets be in a muck sweat make a depositio swear on the bible pledge oneself solemnly promise promise under oath dark-colored stuff dow move from side to side accept defeat throw in the towel/sponge fall victim be overwhelmed be overcome be beate make it around/past/ove make one's way around/past/ove free from doubt easy in one's mind drive underground clamp down o fill someone's boots o longer used mountain top having a fit of the sulks moon about/around harbor a grudge be out of humo be out of sorts fit the bill answer/fulfill/meet one's needs experience hardship endure agony be racked with pai feel pai be in pai be beaten by be conquered by be overwhelmed by be overcome by be a success take from fine-draw pony up fo chip in fo quieten dow an easy target fo defenseless against open to contract to buy take regularly pay a subscriptio pour ove gain the upper hand ove to a marked extent speak falteringly trip ove strong as an ox/horse/lio uncover oneself eveal oneself expose oneself denude oneself shed one's clothes make healthy make strong/stronge unknown perso push/drive oneself to the limit break one's back try very hard strain every nerve make a supreme effort on every side of ice storm lay in/aside last resort temporary solutio squat dow crouch dow lean dow find palatable bull-necked keep in stock spoil the ship for a ha'porth of ta smell foul/bad/disgusting boot-faced be at the wheel of harden oneself become misty/misted fog (up) mist (up) push i put a hole i smash i faint from lack of food dying from lack of food dying of hunge watch closely social positio creep up o dried out get/make filthy get/make dirty passenger statio train statio ailway statio station stop white-collar workers office workers hired hands cross-eyes look with/through narrowed eyes duck dow bend dow trample (down) straight o be congruous be consonant act as a stimulus/incentive to give the incentive to shake out spread in droplets lend one's name to keep a watch o observe furtively add some color to make more exciting verbal communicatio make guesses make suppositions form theories get along without vault ove supreme rule disease-free go (off) in pai the use of fallacious arguments son and hei ock-hard have rooms break one's journey carbonated drink the populatio utopian socialist fabia become clearheaded keep someone at arm's length give someone a slap in the face have a runny/running nose un at the nose snuff (up) smile mirthlessly smile conceitedly unseen problem burn slowly passing acquaintance superficial knowledge imble-witted stumble ove leaden-footed tortoise-like snail-like herculean task and tears work one's socks off support bandage as thin as a reed hardly worth mentioning