in compariso in a league of its ow without two (brass) farthings to rub togethe dry as dust without variety crossed wires in limbo the intelligent men and women of letters learned people over-interested over-curious leave a mark o make an impact o in double quick time double quick have delirium tremens see visions imagine things abide i jelly-like knock around lacking experience a rip-off costing a bomb be the embodiment of serve as a typical example of more than flesh and blood can bea more than one can bea compound the problem make matters worse by force of circumstance invade someone's space gatecrash give an emphasis to put/lay stress o bruit abroad/about make someone fed up lack of diplomacy poor judgment lack of cautio be in decline hushed tones low tones solemn word see the light about keep up with digestio set too low charge a lower price tha in bad shape uisance value sticking/standing out a mile like a fish out of wate drink (a toast) to drink someone's health give someone one's good wishes ot comfortable on one's pat malone on one's pat on one's jack jones on one's jack on one's lonesome on one's tod find a way around without cessatio omping ask urgently become enfeebled become debilitated become shrunke shrivel up ounded up/dow in round numbers based on hearsay taking five knocking off expertise i in huge numbers in great quantity turn (around) spin (around) sharp pull volume of business ear-shattering highball glass drinking glass gospel truth pin one's hopes/faith o put/place one's trust i do/be better tha think little of thing/matter of no importance thing/matter of no consequence trivial thing/matte unimportant thing/matte give it a fly give it a burl break one's neck go for broke have a go/shot/crack/stab/bash use of usage of action toward conduct oneself toward lese-majesty change (around) pan out stop someone dead administer a sedative/tranquilizer to settle someone's/something's nerves cake walk like taking candy from a baby kid's stuff walk ove gossip about speak evil of historical conventio chandle give someone a shout be (up) against be contiguous (with) converge (with) come together (with) come into contact (with) be in contact (with) put someone on the rack harsh treatment infliction of pai tropical storm/cyclone form/mode of expressio way/manner of talking messing around be doing with pissoi comfort room earth closet graft away lose one's strength get/grow/become tired neronia knock something back muck around with muck about with goose pimples creeping sensatio wood products give an extra turn to make more secure make shipshape tide race little something light prod lightly touch give someone a (good) hiding/beating/drubbing around i from end to end of to the other/far side of squeeze into press into cram (into) pack (into) funeral song/chant triplet(s) intimidating remark threaten to harm/kill issue threats to make threats against access route through route mental picture line of thinking spitting feathers become less dense/numerous pencil-thi in extent/diamete synonym dictionary/lexico smash and grab screen test urban guerrilla in a (blue) funk stretched tight be likely have/show a tendency sitting tenant bulldog spirit fixity of purpose strength of will barefaced cheek break the news to mention something to small scree be heaving with be chock-full with be chockablock with teach school demand a tax o exact a tax o charge duty o impose a toll o