stone circle l.s.d. die-cast bring/drag/lead/march into the twenty-first century (sea) fret haa (little) bit of fluff unaccounted fo go wide of be wide of bad government typing mistake/erro keying mistake/erro keyboarding mistake/erro typesetting mistake/erro typographical mistake/erro printing mistake/erro lack of cooperatio put on the wrong track send on a wild goose chase ound peg in a square hole be abortive have one's hand/fingers in the till eflecting surface a large/great number/quantity stick in the mud sink dow myrmido opencast mine powers of thought powers of comprehensio population movement weather prophet met office speak briefly of touch on/upo source of apprehension/dread/fright/fear/terro sunk in gloom council of wa means/mode of expressio means of communicatio lack of inspiratio bring to terms estore harmony econcile differences measliness full growth each maturity each adulthood become adult develop fully be fully developed be full-grow be fully grow power unit be realized practice onanism learn thoroughly fancy dress stocking mask miracle worke be full of wonde be filled with amazement set/put into positio set/put in orde leave isolated puppetee puller of strings take forward pretend to be an invalid accuse falsely spread lies about bring into existence the silent majority (the) people bolster (up) maid-of-all-work serving maid transverse magnet horseshoe magnet bar magnet field magnet moon-madness in a towering rage blazing mad flaming mad wide world indulge oneself find sexy leave helpless leave in trouble full of lumps covered with lumps consider togethe walk heavily/clumsily diamond shape let sink head-splitting the vanquished the defeated defeated perso act big ot secure ot fixed in place bend into spirals/whorls make circles with make a circle with form hoops with form a hoop with let-out clause let-out coastguard statio lookout towe lookout statio lay one's eyes o take a look fix one's gaze without friends/companions while away time block of wood chunk of wood toll house place of confinement place of detentio police cell discarded matte put into liquidatio sing paeans to cry up make a fuss of/ove sing/sound the praises of passenger vessel distinguishing characteristics distinctive features place a limit o partition line either heaven nor hell light vessel floating light light of foot misinformatio departure from the truth barefaced lie be stretched out lap of luxury give approval to give power to grant/give permission to grant/give leave to grant/give the right to grant/give authority to grant/give authorization to grant/give a permit to grant/give a license to sexual urge sexual passio laissez-alle teller of untruths teller of lies ear the bone distance upward say the magic word give someone/something the nod distance lengthwise extent lengthwise of considerable length social-democrat give sly looks to look suggestively look lasciviously give a sermo sex pest put a lead o put a leash o gush (out) burst into leaves put out leaves lord and maste while away the hours send down the slipway put into the wate put to sea set afloat be convulsed with laughte shake with laughte oar/hoot with laughte fall about grid line bitter end giant-sized of considerable size each the shore e-entry coming i haul/call over the coals liveried servant be devoid of ot have enough of stand in need of feel the want of