English of উক্তি. That word’s meaning and its synonyms, word example, and definition. উক্তি has a lot of meaning in English. Bellow, you have to see the details as well.

উক্তি Meaning: statement, utterance, enunciation.
Noun: enunciation saying term terms word words emission say emissions enunciation enunciations

Synonyms of statement: declaration, expression of views/facts, affirmation, assertion, announcement, utterance, communication, proclamation, presentation, expounding.

Definition Of statement : A definite or clear expression of something in speech or writing. Do you agree with this statement?

Some Example of উক্তি in English:

I reported this to the police and I made a statement describing the events.

I think that he made his statement loud and clear, and I think we need to take that into consideration.

If you want to make a serious fashion statement, think Joan Crawford, and buy a full-on pair of gauntlet-style gloves.

If you want to make a serious political statement, write a book or a newspaper column or something.

In the United States, when the bank sends a statement to the customer it attaches to it all items drawn by him and debited to his account. More Example of উক্তি – Statement. You have to write more educational tutorials for school and college students.

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