Definition Of zygoma


the bony arch of the cheek formed by connection of the zygomatic and temporal bones.

Using the endoscope through the small lateral incision, the surgeon dissects the entire cheek from the orbital run over to the nose, down to the top of the mouth out to the side over the zygoma so the whole cheek can be freed and moved up.

Example Of zygoma

  • A short, faint horizontal ridge occurs ventral to the depression and slightly anterior to the maxillary root of the zygoma .

  • He showed that the zygomatic major muscle, which runs from the cheek bone down to the lip corners, pulls those lip corners upwards into a smiling shape.

  • However, the clear separation of the nerve into five main terminal branches (temporal, zygomatic , buccal, mandibular, and cervical) may be difficult or impossible.

  • The zygoma has a very tall projection that occupies approximately half its length.

  • The anterior epitympanum dissection extends as far as the root of the zygoma and is made continuous with a wide anterior canal wall enlargement.

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