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the chemical element of atomic number 40, a hard silver-gray metal of the transition series.

Sodium is also used as a chemical reducing agent in producing titanium, zirconium , niobium, and tantalum from their fused salts.

Example Of zirconium

  • A Reuters article on a shortage of the mineral zircon predicts that cubic zirconium jewelry will go up in price because prices for zirconium have soared.

  • A very small amount of zirconium is used in the manufacture of alloys for products such as flash bulbs, rayon spinnerets, lamp filaments, precision tools, and surgical instruments.

  • For deoxidation of carbon and low-alloy steels, aluminum, titanium, and zirconium are used.

  • In addition it is rich in zirconium , titanium and the heavy end of the Rare Earths suite.

  • She has previously said aluminium and zirconium in cosmetics could affect hormone levels, raising the risk of cancer.

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