Synonyms Of zircon

Definition Of zircon


a mineral occurring as prismatic crystals, typically brown but sometimes in translucent varieties of gem quality. It consists of zirconium silicate and is the chief ore of zirconium.

Sillimanite, cordierite, apatite, monazite and zircon are also present.

Example Of zircon

  • A honey-colored to brown zircon continues to be mined that can be heat-treated to lighten the color.

  • Among his other discoveries were large zircon crystals found in a small tunnel in North Cheyenne Canyon.

  • Even resistant minerals such as zircon have been found to be etched by bacteria.

  • In the andesitic rocks zircon is less abundant than in the porphyroids.

  • Quartz is associated most commonly with aegirine and potassium feldspar as well as zircon .

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