Definition Of zipper


a device consisting of two flexible strips of metal or plastic with interlocking projections closed or opened by pulling a slide along them, used to fasten garments, bags, and other items.

When you get it home, you can cut it into five even pieces and put each piece into a zipper seal bag and freeze it until you are ready to thaw it for use.

a display of news or advertisements that scrolls across an illuminated screen fixed to the upper part of a building.

The varied orientations of tiny fold patterns in the smallest grid boxes recall semaphore flags or suggest LED elements in a Times Square news zipper .

fasten or provide (something) with a zipper.

he wore a running suit zippered up tight

Example Of zipper

  • zipper bags

  • All are lockable, zippered cases that open flat, with wraparound web handles.

  • As we zippered our coats and said our goodbyes, every gesture felt extra weighty.

  • But then I put on a black zippered sweater, with a hood, and then put a jean jacket over that, pulling the hood on top of it.

  • Consider pattern details that promote independence, such as pull-on pants, rather than zippered or buttoned pants.

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