Definition Of yew

a coniferous tree that has red berrylike fruits, and most parts of which are highly poisonous. Yews are linked with folklore and superstition and can live to a great age; the timber is used in cabinetmaking and (formerly) to make longbows.

Species with random branching, such as arborvitae, juniper, yew , and false cypress, have limbs that occur all along the trunk.

Example Of yew

  • A simple circle of juvenile yews will eventually knit together to enclose a calming circle of pure green.

  • A total of 23 mature trees - including yew , oak and fir - have been destroyed.

  • Although box and yews can be clipped into formal shapes, most shade plants appear at home in that naturalistic setting.

  • Clipped yew , beech and hornbeam are lovely.

  • For background planting, especially if you have plenty of space, grow yews , hawthorn, holly, elder and Viburnum opulus, the Guelder rose.

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