Definition Of yes-man


a weak person who always agrees with their political leader or their superior at work.

But anyone who believes he was a puppet or a yes-man has never had to meet his steely glare or attempt to win an argument with him.

Example Of yes-man

  • A country of yes-men is a country marked for destruction.

  • And along their paths toward unsuccessful acting careers, there is a slough of cheats, slimeballs, yes-men , and kooks who wait to usher them far, far away from the stage and screen where they don't belong.

  • And now, it makes the policemen of 2003 seem like subservient yes-men .

  • Are these people at the back yes-men and women?

  • ‘He has surrounded himself with a mafia of yes-men ,’ said one long-standing and well-respected tour professional.

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