Definition Of yeomanry

a group of men who held and cultivated small landed estates.

The enclosing movement was attacked on various grounds. To its effects were attributed the disappearance of the yeomanry , using the words in the strict sense of farmer-owners.

Example Of yeomanry

  • A government yeomanry corps had also been raised in 1796.

  • At this stage a party of yeomanry opened fire and when the firing ceased 14 people, including a married woman and two boys (one the son of a yeoman) were shot dead.

  • Boards of highly paid, bonus-rich directors seem to be bunkered down behind a dithering yeomanry of press officers and media advisers as the regulatory cavalry charges in.

  • By 1901 there were 230,000 volunteers, augmented by the Royal Navy and Royal Artillery Volunteers, the militia and the yeomanry .

  • During the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars the British regular army remained fairly small, but home defence forces such as yeomanry , volunteers, and fencibles proliferated.

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