Definition Of yen


a longing or yearning.

she always had a yen to be a writer

feel a longing or yearning.

it's no use yenning for the old simplicities

the basic monetary unit of Japan.

Whether it be for the lure of dollars or yen , or the start of a coaching career back in France remains to be seen.

Example Of yen

  • A buried yen to ski competitively came back in the early seventies, when the idea of a professional racing circuit in the States took hold.

  • A rise in the yen against the dollar reduces the value of exporters' profits when repatriated into Japanese currency, which contributes to deflation.

  • And most particularly, can you name a price in dollars or yen or any other currency that you think the euro is actually going to go to before it rebounds?

  • And to have had an absolute yen to achieve your goal.

  • And while homesickness and a yen to have the support of being the home team in a rough business lured the brothers back, they've set their sights on more travel eventually.

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