Definition Of yell


a loud, sharp cry, especially of pain, surprise, or delight; a shout.

In his mind, he can hear the screams and yells of men as pain and suffering gripped them.

give a loud, sharp cry.

you heard me yelling at her

Example Of yell

  • Across the territory, beaches were filled with the thud of drum beats and the yells of participating teams and their supporters.

  • After a while, I heard a loud noise, the mixture of two hundred cheers and yells as the graduating class concluded their ceremony and celebrated the beginning of a new chapter of their lives.

  • All over, everyone was yelling and shouting and jumping up and down like maniacs.

  • And then Ben's match began, and it was him I cheered for instead, my yells sounding hollow even to my own ears.

  • Are you one of those players that yells at questionable referee calls or yells at your own teammates when they make a mistake?

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