Definition Of yearning


a feeling of intense longing for something.

he felt a yearning for the mountains

have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from.

she yearned for a glimpse of him

involving or expressing yearning.

a yearning hope

Example Of yearning

  • An occasional soul, defying all these constrains, wants to realize this truth and overcome illusion, and such a yearning soul is a fit person to become a disciple.

  • As the novel unreels at a pace fitting for a neighbourhood of fly fishers, Gary's adolescent yearnings and religious fears become the frame for a deeper story.

  • But then he wants a car with a powerful engine and the yearning returns.

  • Galloway Street beautifully captures the harshness of poverty and the warm good humour of a childhood dominated by songs, yarns and the yearnings of his Irish relatives for their native land.

  • He had something of a hungry, yearning look to his face.

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