Definition Of yearling


an animal (especially a sheep, calf, or foal) a year old, or in its second year.

He mates them to a Charolais bull and keeps the calves until they are yearlings .

having lived or existed for a year; a year old.

a yearling calf

Example Of yearling

  • A typical March farm scene includes calved cows, young calves, yearling cattle and older finishing cattle.

  • An evaluation of the economics of heifer development revealed that the pregnancy rate for yearling heifers may not be as important as the pregnancy rate of the 2-year old.

  • At one end are the highly specialized producers of yearling calves.

  • ‘Putting weight on yearling stocker cattle with forage is a vital agricultural and economic activity here,’ says Northup.

  • Final totals for the premier yearling market in France extended beyond the hopes of the sales company.

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