Definition Of yarrow


a Eurasian plant of the daisy family, with feathery leaves and heads of small white, yellow, or pink aromatic flowers.

Gather early summer flowers like violets, yarrow and red clover to dry for teas and for tincturing.

Example Of yarrow

  • Allan Armitage, perennials expert at the University of Georgia, suggests teaming plants with tall yarrows such as ‘Coronation Gold’.

  • Aromatic foliage, such as lavender, monarda, nepeta, thyme, yarrow , mint, Russian sage, and artemisia.

  • At last they come upon it - the farmhouse covered in wisteria, hydrangeas in bloom all around, the yarrow and cornflowers, the daisies and black-eyed susans.

  • For example, yarrow , a plant of major importance in herbal remedies, gets only three rather insignificant mentions.

  • For one of my favorite bouquets I use echinacea flowers, yarrow , feverfew, lavender, sage, apple mint, and catmint from my garden.

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