Definition Of yardage

a distance or length measured in yards.

the caddie was working out yardages from tee to green

the use of a yard or enclosure for storage or the keeping of animals or payment for such use.

In Experiment 3, yardage was charged on a daily basis.

Example Of yardage

  • A few weeks before the tournament, after a day walking the course to get all our yardages right, we, the lucky local caddies nominated for the Open, were gathered together in the dining room at Hazeltine.

  • About 200 yardages produced with natural fibres like cotton, wool, silk, and jute in natural dyes and the different structures using different counts of yarn are being displayed in the show.

  • As I've said, Andy was a very, very quiet lad, and although his club selection and yardages were invariably spot-on, our communication was lacking.

  • Every time a golfer moves along a hole, the device will receive instant information on course lay-out and exact yardages to hazards such as bunkers and the greens beyond from a satellite thousands of miles above in space.

  • He added: ‘I'm swinging solidly and getting my yardages right, leaving myself with mostly uphill putts.’

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