Definition Of yap


a person's mouth.

he should keep his yap shut

a sharp, shrill bark.

And there is no chorus of dogs, locked in yards alone, whose barks and yaps and howls, at most other times of the year, bounce from ridge to ridge, amplified by winds.

give a sharp, shrill bark.

the dachshunds yapped at his heels

Example Of yap

  • A Dachshund yapped behind a wrought iron gate in the courtyard I traversed.

  • After the bit about important people in cars I had: ‘On occasion they might vaguely hear a hysterical yap from the left front wheel.’

  • All night the same cycle, a low deep bark and then the yap of the chihuahua.

  • All the women join the gym and yap constantly about Weight Watchers.

  • ‘If you don't shut your yap I'll smoke you myself,’ Mavi said ready to attack Casper if he said one more word.

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