Definition Of responsive



I'm distracted by a nibble on my line: I jig it several times, but there is no responsive tug

reacting quickly and positively.

a flexible service that is responsive to changing social and economic patterns

Example Of responsive

  • A key element in this regard is the presence of farm enterprises that are flexible and responsive to the rapidly changing opportunities in today's economy.

  • After that we will have some readings, and then the responsive liturgy which is in your newsletter inserts.

  • Although students may not be formally assessed upon the quality of their contributions, conscientious, responsive individuals and analytically minded students are noticed by tutors.

  • An effective staffing plan is flexible and responsive to short-term and long-term patient and organizational demands.

  • An enlightened consumer not only protects his interest, but also acts as a responsible and responsive customer, and an asset to the society.

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