Definition Of lacquer


coat with lacquer.

choose from brushed or lacquered copper

the sap of the lacquer tree used to varnish wood or other materials.

Furthermore, imitative products like varnish which substituted for lacquer generated new industries and created distinctive products.

Example Of lacquer

  • A Chinese cabinet in melon-colored lacquer features an ever-changing tableau of vases and bowls filled with seasonal flowers.

  • A pencil company never worries about there being a graphite shortage or a cedar shortage or a shortage of yellow lacquer .

  • A primer is then applied to fill in any small holes, followed by a coat of paint and another layer of protective lacquer until the alloys are almost as good as new.

  • After arranging them on boards with handmade paper and acrylic paint, she seals them with layers of lacquer .

  • Although Europeans overwhelmingly identified Japan with the highest quality lacquer , as a practical matter Japan was unable to sustain a monopoly in the medium much beyond the middle of the century.

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