Definition Of indent


a space left by indenting a line or block of text.

While typing text, this program automatically indents for you.

an indentation.

every indent in the coastline

an indenture.

The Commission possesses two kinds of judicial powers, which are based on the first indent to Article 211.

an official order or requisition for specified goods or stores.

There was no question of indents or authorities to be consulted before delivering, and the system worked well.

divide (a document drawn up in duplicate) into its two copies with a zigzag line, thus ensuring identification.

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Example Of indent

  • Because the coastline of the area is indented , as wheat-growing expanded northwards the farms were still close to the sea and hence transport costs were low.

  • But when it's converted to HTML, that little indent is suddenly this huge gap, and that does look confusing.

  • Chapter 14 covers lists, and Chapter 15 explains how to align and indent text.

  • every indent in the coastline

  • For the purpose of applying the content of the fifth indent of the first sub-paragraph, Member States may lay down guide levels, solely as a form of evidence.

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