Definition Of inchoate


just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary.

a still inchoate democracy

Example Of inchoate

  • A native title ‘claim’ is not technically made for recompense for past loss, but for the recognition of current but inchoate rights.

  • All four had the inchoate desire to work in journalism when they applied to graduate school but felt clueless about how to get a serious job in journalism.

  • As the pace of industrialization quickened in the 1890s, in tandem with a mounting agrarian slump assailing gentry and peasants alike, new social groups emerged and focused an inchoate but widespread discontent.

  • ‘Congregation’ has a religious connotation, and indeed many of Ossorio's works in this mode draw, if sometimes inchoately , on religious themes.

  • ‘Each person is on Earth to make sense of themselves and for themselves and to bring the inchoateness of this self into an expressible state,’ he reflects.

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