Definition Of fain


pleased or willing under the circumstances.

the traveler was fain to proceed

with pleasure; gladly.

I am weary and would fain get a little rest

Example Of fain

  • And I fain would think that this world of ours is a good world after all.

  • ‘Depend upon it that, rude and careless as I am, I would fain practice the yoga faithfully,’ he writes.

  • He held out his hand watching me, but I fain to think that I would still question myself, pulled away.’

  • I would fain be friends with you, for their sake.

  • If you would grant but my request, I then most surely should be blest; But if you treat me with disdain, To hang myself I now would fain ; Then pray consent and make me thine, To save from death your Valentine.

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